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Privacy Policy & Security

YellowIbis.com cares about your privacy and security. Our full privacy policy and information on our security measures are detailed below.

Privacy Policy

This document was last updated November 8th, 2009, and is subject to update at any time without prior notification.. Any concerns about our privacy and security measures may be sent to us by email at info@yellowibis.com. We encourage you to also read our Legal Policy, which addresses overlapping issues including our Copyrights.
YellowIbis.com will never sell, rent, or transmit your personal information to third-parties as part of marketing or sales lists. We take your privacy seriously and will not send you unwanted newsletters or marketing information. All of our lists are strictly opt-in. If you have been subscribed in error, please contact us immediately and you will be removed.
YellowIbis.com and Spreadshirt Inc. / Sprd.net AG collects the information that you provide to us when creating an account, placing or tracking an order, or subscribing to newsletters, contests or promotional material. Spreadshirt Inc. / Sprd.net AG, who process the actual purchase transaction together with their Payment Processor(s), will only store data required for your transaction, including payment and shipping. All personal data is kept confidential. No data will be transmitted to and/or saved by third-parties, and Spreadshirt Inc. / Sprd.net AG will not use your data for advertising purposes without your expressed consent. You can withdraw consent at any time. Spreadshirt Inc.'s current policy and Sprd.net AG 's current official policy are available by clicking on the links and are also subject to update at any time without prior notification. In the case of suscribing to email newsletters, promotions, and contests, the information you provide (generally name and email) will be stored until you notify us that you wish to unsubscribe.
YellowIbis.com and Spreadshirt Inc. / Sprd.net AG may use cookies for the purposes of creating a session in order to complete a transaction, as well as for the purpose of general site tracking and statistics. YellowIbis.com currently uses Google Analytics. This is subject to change without notice. We use site tracking to look at how groups, rather than individuals, interact with our site in order to help us improve.
In the case of the Gift Guide, external links are provided without warranty, to external sites who may have differing policies on privacy, security, and legal terms of use. You are strongly recommended to check the policies of any external sites before providing any information. YellowIbis.com cannot be held responsible for issues arising on external sites from their policies, content, or any other issues.
The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act took effect on April 21, 2000 and imposes certain requirements on Web sites directed towards, or collecting information on, children under the age of 13. YellowIbis.com does not knowingly collect or store any information on any person under 13.

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YellowIbis.com and Spreadshirt Inc. / Sprd AG protect your data by using SSL to encrypt all data transmissions, especially those involving purchases and the cart. If at any time you are not sure, please check that "https://" appears in the URL address at the top of your browser. You should be able to make a connection at 128-bit security or higher, so if your browser is only able to connect with low-grade encryption, your browser is outdated or incorrectly configured.

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