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About this Guide and FAQ

  Who are the science books and gifts recommended for?
The books we feature are divided into 'kids' and 'all ages', with the former being geared more towards young children, and the latter being geared towards young adult level and onwards, including people with or without science backgrounds. These are generally books that feature science or have a scientific theme, but retain a broad appeal, i.e. not specialty textbooks or trade books.
The scientist gift ideas are primarily geared towards research scientists, as well as people working in related fields. This includes scientists working in both lab-related and field-related work, as well as grad students, adult or youth enthusiasts, etc. The items we list are either (a) stuff that would be appreciated by, or useful to, most scientists, and/or (b) stuff that is science or scientist themed. These include books about science professions, scientist culture, and teaching, as well as products that are useful for working scientists.
Please note that this selection of recommendations originates from a variety of sources, including reader contributions. Although we do vet books and items before including them, we are not able to do so extensively with every book and product and cannot be held responsible for any issues arising from your use of this guide and its recommendations.

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  I have a really great idea for a book or gift!  How do I submit it? 
And will my contact info stay private?

We would love to have your feedback and gift ideas. These can be made to us easily through our feedback form or by email to gifts@yellowibis.com. We do read and consider every suggestion, although we don't generally have time to respond personally. Our privacy policy is that we NEVER share or sell your email address, and submitting an idea to us does not automatically sign you up for any email lists or anything that leads to future contact, unless you specifically request it. We don't email without permission. If you do want to sign up for our global email update list, please subscribe here.

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  I am a store or artist and I would like to have an item(s) considered for inclusion..
We consider all sources for inclusion in our guide, and we will be adding independent artists in the future. Please feel free to submit to us through our feedback form or by email to gifts@yellowibis.com.

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  What is YellowIbis.com?
YellowIbis is a small, scientist-oriented business that offers a variety of specialty products and services to the scientific community. We are probably best known for our science t-shirts... Visit our central site and learn more about us here!

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