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Help & Customer Service

about us
YellowIbis.com, the same people who brought you some of the best science t-shirts around, have embarked on a new project! We are offering a new kind of t-shirt, printed on premium t-shirt brands like American Apparel, featuring Middle Egyptian writing and art. Unlike other Egyptian t-shirt sellers, our products feature authentic Middle Egyptian Hieroglyphics and not just letter-by-letter transliterations from English. This is the real thing, and we stand by the authenticity of our designs. Share in a beautiful piece of history dating from the Egyptian Middle Kingdom (approximately 2240-1740 B.C.), a period that marked some of the heights of Ancient Egypt. Don't be fooled by the writing alphabet of Middle Egyptian, with its many representations of animals and daily objects: Middle Egyptians spoke and wrote a very sophisticated language, with a grammar and vocabulary rivaling any modern language.
Enjoy the wonder of Ancient Egypt and browse through our shop, buy a special item, or have us create one just for you! We are adding new designs all the time, so check back in regularly.
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why buy from us?

HIGH QUALITY.Name brand t-shirts and products, with one-of-a-kind designs printed using high-end techniques.
Looks great!!

UNIQUE.We feature our own authentic, custom-made copyrighted designs, which you won't find elsewhere.
FAST.Orders generally ship out within 48 h (sometimes 72h over a weekend).
CUSTOM.We do custom orders, even for just one t-shirt, with cheap or free basic customization depending on the request. Custom hieroglyphics designs vary by request. Click here for all the details!
GUARANTEED.Not happy with your order? Email us within one week of receiving your order and we'll work out a replacement or refund depending on the circumstances. Maximum refund period is 30 days from receipt.
CUSTOMER SERVICE.We guarantee all our products and we want you to be 100% happy with your entire order process or custom order process, from start to finish. Your emails are answered same-day or faster, and you talk to the same person throughout your correspondance with us. No hassles and no grief. We love to hear from you!
You can reach us 7 days a week at tshirts@yellowibis.com.

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guarantee, orders, returns

You can feel confident ordering from YellowIbis.com: we've partnered with Spreadshirt, one of the leading print-on-demand printers in both the US and Europe. Their print quality is impressive, printing is fast, and their customer service is terrific. Each order is specially printed just for the customer, and generally ships out within 1-3 days. After submitting your order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. This confirmation is sent within minutes after an order is placed, so if you do not receive this confirmation please email us. You will additionally receive an email confirmation when your order ships, and this will contain tracking information if you ordered using a trackable delivery method.
Our cart and payments are processed by Spreadshirt, which accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American Express cards, as well as debit and check cards as long as they are associated with a major credit company like the ones listed above. Once payment information is received, your order will be sent to production. Please note that since your financial transaction occurs directly with Spreadshirt, Inc. their terms and conditions are binding for your order.
Because both YellowIbis.com and Spreadshirt are internet-only businesses, for delivery to most states, there is no sales tax. There are exceptions to this for orders shipping to California, Massachusetts, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Texas, where part or all of your order may be subject to tax during the order process. Unfortunately, customs and countries outside of the USA sometimes place steep taxes and/or duties on packages arriving in countries across the world from the USA. As we cannot control these additional charges, there is no way to reduce them.
YellowIbis.com or its partner Spreadshirt will gladly offer an exchange or refund if you are not happy with your product, if there is a defect in production or if the item does not match what was ordered. Our number one priority is customer satisfaction and we do whatever it takes to make it right.
Before making any return or exchange, please contact YellowIbis.com at tshirts@yellowibis.com. You may also contact our printer, Spreadshirt, directly at orders@spreadshirt.com, to organize the process. Please be sure to inform us of any problem with your order within 30 days of purchase, since after that time period we do not accept returns. Shipping charges are generally non-refundable. DO NOT mail in your return before receiving authorization, by emailing us and explaining the defect or problem and stating the order number.
**FAQ:** What do I do if I need to cancel or change my order? Answer: If you just placed the order, follow the instructions in your order confirmation email to login to our printer's system and cancel your order. Because of the speed with which orders are produced, this is often your best bet if you made a mistake, i.e. cancel your order and then re-order correctly. Otherwise, if your order is in production or you have an urgent problem, please phone our printer directly with your order reference number, at 1-800-381-0815 (Mon - Fri 8am to 8pm EST). Please note that once your order is in production, we can't guarantee changes... so if you think you've made a mistake, act quickly to cancel your order.

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printing & brands (ours is the best!)

YellowIbis.com isn't like the others...
YellowIbis.com uses only brand-name clothing. YellowIbis.com uses only brand-name clothing, so you can be sure that your new shirt will last you for years to come. No tissue paper thin clothing, no shrinking, no sizing inconsistencies, no color issues. The brand of shirt used is indicated when you order, so you know what you're getting up front. We don't use generic shirts even though they are cheaper, because we take pride in producing a consistently great t-shirt that you will love to wear. We have many quality name-brand products, including Fruit of the Loom, Hanes, Gildan, American Apparel, Anvil, Bella, Continental Clothing, Promodoro, Puma, Trigema, Rabbit Skins, LAT, and many other popular brands as well. The brand of your product is generally indicated on the product detail page, if not, feel free to email us so that we can tell you the brand currently being used.
YellowIbis.com uses superior print processes. YellowIbis.com clothing is printed using one of two processes: plot printing (flex or flock print) and Digital Direct printing. These produce the type of quality you would see in any retail store. Also, our black or dark t-shirts are only printed using plot printing, which ensures that you get a t-shirt with a vivid, durable, color saturated print. Plot printing works equally well on all product colors and types, whereas we limit Digital Direct to white or light colored garments to ensure the best color saturation and order-to-order reproducibility. Our full print color chart and product list is available by clicking here.

About Plot Printing: (flex / flock)

Flex flock printing
About Digital Direct:

Digital printing
Plot printing is ideal for text, logos, and stylized designs which use 1-3 colors, such as the "Papyrus" design printed on this t-shirt.

There are two kinds of plot printing: flock print is soft and velvety, whereas flex print is slick, smooth and shiny. Both techniques involve cutting out the special flex or flock material with a digital cutter, and then fusing the design into the shirt with a special high temperature press. The majority of our designs are flex, but a few are flock. We can easily make your preference for you. Both plot printing styles are absolutely high quality: they don't fade and your design will probably last even longer than your shirt! The printing is very high-contrast, and is especially suited for dark shirts because it will never fade. You can see our available colors, as well as print examples, by clicking here.

Wash flock and flex prints inside-out on a 'cold' or 'warm' temperature setting. In general, you can either hang-dry or machine dry (low heat) your garment, but double check for instructions particular to the garment as well.

Digital Direct printing is ideal for artwork, photos, and other complex designs, such as the geometric design printed on this t-shirt.

Digital Direct printing technique is a new form of digital printing, and produces an even, slightly raised surface on the fabric. Colors are inked directly onto the shirt with a special high-tech ink-jet printer. All digital prints, especially those with darker colors, are prone to fading over time. All CMYK colors are possible with this technique, but keep in mind that differences between your monitor and the final print may occur.

Careful washing can preserve your printed t-shirt very well for 1 - 2 years or more: wash inside-out at a 'cold' temperature setting, avoid machine drying for maximum preservation, and lay your shirt out flat to dry after washing.

Best of all: your order is fast!!
The actual printing itself is done by our print partner, Spreadshirt, and involves a lot of human supervision... but amazingly, together we can produce orders and ship within 2 business days on average. USA orders are printed in Spreadshirt's PA print shop. For detailed information about our custom printing services,click here.
A few photos from the print shop:
print shop print shop
print shop print shop
print shop print shop

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Important note for holiday periods, especially the winter holiday season (Nov / Dec): Orders can take a little longer to produce, and the shippers themselves (e.g. UPS, postal system, etc) also have their own holiday schedules. If your order needs to be time-definite, please order a faster level of shipping when in doubt. Our order deadlines are usually posted on our site once the holidays approach.
Two YellowIbis.com stores (USA or EU) can be ordered from according to your currency and shipping destination preferences. Our most economical shipping is by MailExpress Standard for domestic orders and by USPS for international orders. Please note that the rising cost of our international shipping is due to world oil prices and the costs handed down from our shippers. Faster speeds and overnight shipping by UPS are also available.

USA Shop USA Shop

EU Shop EU Shop (Email us)

United States
"Central, West, North" Europe
New Zealand
South Korea

"Central, West, North" Europe
"East" Europe

Click here for USA Shop shipping costs by country.
Click here for EU Shop shipping costs by country.

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customization services

YellowIbis.com offers a wide variety of customization options, as well as bulk and special orders. We do custom orders, even for just one t-shirt, and generally at no extra charge!

Click here
to learn about options and pricing on the services we offer.

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who's talking about us:

A big thank you to everyone who has taken time and webspace to support us! You can view our photo gallery, as well as links to mentions / reviews of our stuff, by clicking here.

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visit our blog / link to us

There's lots of ways to keep in touch with us to learn about our latest sales and products! Visit our blog, subscribe to our feed, facebook us, or subscribe to our email newletter... You can self-manage all your subscriptions, including email, through FeedBurner, and we will never share your information.

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privacy and security

Your order is processed by our printer Spreadshirt, who uses a high-grade 256 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate to encrypt all transmitted data. Your personal data is kept confidential. Spreadshirt saves your data exclusively for processing your order. No data will be transmitted to or saved by third parties, by either YellowIbis.com or Spreadshirt. Spreadshirt does not send any unrequested e-mails; you will receive mailings from us (e.g. with information about new products or designs) only if you sign up for them. Cancellation from these mailings is possible at any time. Spreadshirt will not use your data for advertising purposes unless you give your expressed consent. This consent can be withdrawn at any time. The above also holds for YellowIbis.com.
Our full privacy policy is available in detail here.
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copyright notice

Our t-shirt designs as well as this website, our associated websites, and their content, including graphics, text, photos, logo, designs, and other elements, is Copyright © 2005-2016 by YellowIbis.com, unless otherwise notated, and may not be used for any purpose, reprinted, or retransmitted in whole or in part without the expressed written consent of YellowIbis.com. The only exceptions are historical quotations and certain historical artwork in the public domain. The YellowIbis bird trademark logo is a registered federal trademark ® of YellowIbis.com, and may not be reprinted or retransmitted in whole or in part without the expressed written consent of YellowIbis.com.

If you would like access to one of our designs, please email us at tshirts@yellowibis.com to make an arrangement... don't rip off the little guy!

Please note that personal, educational, or nonprofit use does NOT exempt you from our copyright. ANY usage aside from limited fair use (e.g. posting a picture in your blog is fair use, but only if it's used to refer to us specifically) requires our permission. Thank you for respecting our intellectual property. Penalties for misuse are real and enforceable.
Our full legal policy is available in detail here.

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gift certificates

More information coming soon! If you would like a gift certificate in the interim, please email us at tshirts@yellowibis.com to make an arrangement.
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CDN important information for our Canadian customers:

All orders are charged in USD currency.
Shipping to Canadian destinations begins at USD$6.99 by USPS (subject to change, see full details here). All orders are currently manufactured and shipped from Spreadshirt's production facility in Pennsylvania, USA. Orders are sent by US Postal Service and average delivery times are 10-18 business days from the order shipping out. Please note that longer times are possible, usually due to customs delays or resulting from delivery to more distant locations. Please note that although we do offer a UPS International shipping option, this currently leads to an additional $10 brokerage fee being levied on the recipient, as well as potential tax fees. Please email us if you require any clarification about the best shipping method for your order.
If you have issues with delivery times or your order being delayed, please contact your local Canada Post station and/or us to help resolve the situation. You will receive a confirmation email when your order ships out from our US production facility.
Please note that Canadian Customs ("Canada Border Services Agency", CBSA) reserves the right to open or delay incoming shipments, as well as levy import and duty fees. YellowIbis.com and/or Spreadshirt cannot be held responsible for additional fees or customs duties levied by Canadian agencies. Please consult the CBSA official information for detailed information on importing goods by mail and associated duties and taxes. YellowIbis.com and/or Spreadshirt cannot be held responsible for the failure of CBSA to accept our gift packaging as "gift" notation for importation purposes. The duty depends on your province, but some of our customers have unofficially reported paying GST / HST / PST as applicable, plus a CAD $5 handling fee. Please contact the CBSA in advance of your order if you require clarification.
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track my order

Information regarding the current status of your order, as well as tracking numbers where applicable, are updated 1-2 times per day and can be viewed by logging into your account: Click here to track your order!
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contact us
For customer service, custom orders, quotes, general inquiries, technical difficulties, feedback, etc: Please email us at tshirts@yellowibis.com (7 days a week)

YellowIbis Logo YellowIbis.com, a subdivision of YellowIbis Group LLC: Please email us at tshirts@yellowibis.com. (English, Français, Deutsch) 4801 Lang Ave NE, Suite 110 Albuquerque, NM 87109, USA http://www.yellowibis.com

Spreadshirt LogoSpreadshirt Logo    Spreadshirt, Inc., our subcontracted printer: Our printer can be reached at orders@spreadshirt.com. 1572 Roseytown Road Greensburg, PA 15601, USA http://www.spreadshirt.com
This online shop operates in conjuction with a platform provided by Spreadshirt. Spreadshirt is responsible for the technical functions of the embedded shops as well as for order processing, but not for the content. An order from the online "Science T-Shirts USA Shop" or the "Egyptian T-Shirts Shop" creates a contract with Spreadshirt Inc. specifically. All terms and conditions of Spreadshirt Inc. therefore apply in addition to the terms of YellowIbis.com presented here.
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