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Custom orders

I would like something just like one of the products you sell, but different color choices.

Set-up Time: Generally under 24h.

Cost: No surcharge! Same as original product.

What to do: Email us with a link to original product and tell us your choice of colors for the garment and the print.

I would like something similar to one of the products you sell, but with a change in colors / garment type / design placement / added text or design.

Set-up Time: 1-2 days depending on complexity.

Cost: No surcharge! Pricing will be the same as for similar ink type and/or garment type. Addition of extra text / designs / images costs a little bit extra because more ink is used.

What to do: Email us with a link to original product and tell us what kind of modifications you are looking for.

I would like a t-shirt of my favorite molecule!

Set-up Time: 3-4 days on average.

Cost: If you can provide a chemical drawing of your molecule in a file from a major drawing software package, $2 surcharge. If we have to draw it for you, $5 surcharge. (Same number but in Euro for EU Store). Note that highly complex structures might not be workable for printing.

What to do: Email us for a quote and tell us the name of your molecule and what file type, if any, you can provide.

I have my own image that I would like printed.

Set-up Time: 1-4 days depending on complexity.

Cost: Depends heavily on the exact image and on what type of files can be supplied by the client. Flex / flock printing takes longer to set up than digital.

What to do: Email us for a quote, and include a copy of your image as a GIF or JPEG file (this doesn’t have to be the ‘printable’ file, we just need to see what it looks like.) Please note that our ability to print may depend on your ability to supply a high enough resolution image, and that you must either own the copyright or have permission to reproduce the image.

I would like a bulk or screen-printed order.

Please email us for more information and a quote.

I want something custom but it’s not science related?

Yes, we do that too. 😉

We also offer graphic design services, photo enhancement, as well as many other special services. Give us a try! To get a free no-obligation quote and discuss your project, please email us.