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About Us

Welcome to YellowIbis.com! We feature t-shirts and products that explore the history of science and alchemy, as well as modern jokes, unexpected chemical structures, and insightful and humorous quotes. Our core selection centers around chemistry, but we are still expanding our products to include many other fields as well as general science and history. Our designs are all either our own unique copyrighted designs, or lovingly restored digital versions of historical artwork and documents. We sell t-shirts that are funny, unique, thought-provoking, and only sold through us!

It takes one to know one… and that’s why YellowIbis.com is the creation of scientists. We bring you the very best in science-themed items, and strive to provide excellent high quality apparel and products that are not only eye-catching, accurate, and aesthetic, but that also help promote awareness of science and its rich diversity.

YellowIbis.com was founded in 2005… meaning that as of 2019 we’ve now been in business for 14 years! We are woman-owned, and were among the very first science t-shirt companies to sell inclusive science gear, including ‘unisex’ shirts as well as actual women’s styles/cut and sizing… not to mention girls and boys t-shirts as well. Thankfully the market is now starting to catch up on diversity, but we still have a ways to go. Science (and our shirts) are for everyone :).

YellowIbis.com is part of YellowIbis Design Inc. (formerly YellowIbis Group LLC), a small design company based in Toronto, Canada.

We can be reached by email at:

We can be reached by mail at:
YellowIbis Design Inc.
250 University Ave., Suite 200
Toronto, ON M5H 3E5